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The new world is a difficult revolution,but the mild revolution will make it possible tocreate a new world

Pass from indignation at the statement:The current model of democracy is over, or replace it with democracy continues the Omniarchy or the Great Powerful us their slaves.


The conference for the public presentation of the project Ecobihum, a new humanism, which was held with the following program and you will find in full on this site.


Conference 04/06/11

Saturday, June 4, 2011 at the  Theatre of San Leone in the seat of the secular Franciscan Terzordine 7 Via Beata Angela in Florence, the conference was held with the following program:
09:15 am – Presentation of the first session: “From democracy intermittently to democracy continues, a new project of governance”

Comment Ernesto Preziosi – director of institutional promotion of the Catholic University of Milan, president of the Historical and Social Sciences (Censses), former director of the Paul VI
11.00 am – Presentation of the second session: “The creation of the macrocosm, the microcosm, man, the new project Ecobihum”

Comments and debate Prof. Oreste Haun and Dr. Tony Van Der Haegen.The first professor of sociology at the Faculty of Theology St. Bonaventure Seraphicum of Rome, formerly national director of Confindustria.The second diplomat responsible for the EU Delegation to the U.S., a senior official of the European Commission, the rapporteur Professor c / o the U.S. Department of State c / or the National Defense University, Director of Public Relations.

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